Selected Product Mobility Branding
When the historical kitchen hardware brand Smeg and Italia Independent came up with the idea of a retro looking fridge made out of denim, we thought it was too crazy for us not to do it. The kitchen environment is complicated because of its inherent constraints: the stains, the smells, and the mold - to name a few. We called upon a small company up in Como next to Milan: Mectex. This family institution has been working on military projects by designing army uniforms.
What's the link between army gear and fridge you'll ask?
Well, the plasma treatment used to improve the nano coating film to protect the uniforms in extreme conditions would be the ideal material for us to use. Back in our kitchen, we threw a pan of tomato sauce on the fridge - the ultimate Italian non-scientific kitchen testing technique - which we were able to wipe in once.
This project challenged us to think outside of the box, adapting scientific advances from one field and applying it onto another, solving technical issues and working around practical restrictions.

Concept and design of a special edition Smeg Fab 28 fridge, produced to celebrate the collaboration between Smeg and Italia Independent.
Real, handmade denim lining of the entire fridge. The denim surface is protected by a plasma treatment developed for the occasion in collaboration with Mectex.
- Real contrast stitching.
- Polymeric handle with soft touch finish.
- Custom Smeg logo.
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