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Superfluid: Luxury in motion.
From deep-end to high-end
Superfluid is a new luxury brand of nautical toys explicitly designed for yachts.

“Toy boxes” on luxury yachts have become increasingly popular, yet it seemed that they had yet to meet the level of care and attention that they deserve. Our collection of water toys aims at finding a perfect balance between slick aesthetics and technical excellence: Objects that look as good as they perform. Unicity is at the heart of our practice and customization inherent to the creation process. We want to conform to the individual needs of our clients. No two objects will be alike.
Uncompromising quality, superb aesthetics and particular attention to the specific needs of the life aboard a yacht are the fundamental values that characterize the brand. Our Stand up Paddleboard was inspired by the elegance of water mammals and the way they show their back when surfacing for air. Thanks to its 11 kilograms at a 3.8 meters length, our carbon fiber monocoque is not only incredibly performant but also particularly stable. The technology was developed in collaboration with Fluid4Engineering which is an America’s Cup engineering firm, specialized in fluid dynamics. Two versions will be available: A hand-painted version and a limited version with exposed carbon fiber.
Product data sheet

NAME Stand-up Paddleboard
LENGHT 3,8 m
WIDTH 0,75 m
WEIGHT 11 kg
STRUCTURE 100% carbon fiber monocoque

The new 12’6” SUP has a cutting edge design developed by using America’s Cup and Volvo Ocean Race technologies. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) was used to develop the flat water SUP with a focus on performances, easy handling and stability. Many parameters such as rocker, chines, rounds... were tested to match the required constraints (stability, speed...) and special care was done to design the main sections around the standing zone to increase stability and refined bow sections to develop a surface piercing bow style. A pressure recovery section was then designed starting from mid of the bottom surface to the transom: this feature helps in stability and flow alignment around the single fin.
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