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Paolo Castelli S.p.A. was founded upon the historic tradition of the Castelli family, the roots of whose activity in the field of fine woodworking first and office furniture later date back to the beginning of the last century. Presently the company operates in contract field and in manufacturing design furniture. Born more than 20 years ago of the subsequent transformations of the company is Domodinamica, a collection that vaunts numerous icons that have changed the history of design and prestigious creations by famous designers, hosted in the great museums of the world. After years of success and acclaim on the international design scene comes Inspiration, a furniture collection ëinspiredí by the interior design sensibilities of architects working in London and Paris during the 1930s-50s, revisited in a contemporary key.

Bds Desk
is an elegant desk, with bold and rational lines, that will complement home offices as well as elegant corporate spaces. The desk features a metal structure, boasting a fine design and a matt gold galvanic finish, and a ash black top with a drawer and open compartments on the sides. The drawer has a push-pull opening mechanism with a brass disk and invisible lock. The feet are made of brass. The desk also has a side compartment on the extendable top to allow to plug devices into wall sockets. Electric cables can run through one of the legs.

Bds Round Table
thanks to its rational, geometric lines, Bds Round Table brings simplicity and elegance to everyday living spaces. The Bds Round Table comprises a fumè tempered glass top with a shiny edge. The structure is abacus-shaped, with a number of rings passing through the central pin. Whilst the base is made of steel with a chrome galvanic finish.
BDS Bookshelf
is an elegant open bookshelf, boasting bold and rational lines, that will complement both home offices and elegant corporate spaces. The structure comprises twisting elements made in square-section steel with a galvanic matt gold finish, which intersect at 45 degrees forming a cross pattern. The shelves and wooden base are covered with black ash veneer. The bookshelf features 3 wood drawers with the same finish.

Bds Floor Lamp
is a self-standing lamp inspired by the geometric shapes of the 1930s, ideal in elegant offices, private studios and sophisticated living spaces. It comprises a fine noir Saint laurent marble base with a decagonal-shape opening on top, into which the galvanic finished structure, made from two metal arms, is fitted. The lamp is adjustable into 12 different positions. The lampshade is made of pierced metal with a galvanic finish.

Bds Table Lamp
is a desk lamp inspired by the geometric shapes of the 1930s, ideal in elegant offices and private studios. It comprises a noir Saint laurent marble base with a decagonal-shape opening into which the structure is fitted. The arm with a counterweight and decagonal-shape element are made of metal with a satin gold galvanic finish. The lampshade, made of pierced metal, has the same finish.
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