Selected Product Mobility Communication
Garage Italia is a creative hub that conceives, interprets and designs client requests... Think about an Italian tailor, but for cars, boats and planes. The services include personalized exterior bodywork through painting and innovative wrapping techniques, as well as interior restyling through made-to-measures sartorial solutions. That is why we needed to find a branding element that was timeless yet coherent. This sign evokes the car sticker you were required to stick on your trunk to travel abroad in the 90's. It is engraved in the collective Italian memory. It's neutral yet evident.
We left the background empty between the inside and the gear line to adapt the color palette of each project. Materials, fabrics, and colours are all essential parts of the creative process of Garage Italia support as they are experiments to produce one-of-a-kind features. We wanted the logo to be adaptable to an unlimited number of stylistic twists.
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